Issue No. 9  //  3/29/17


Social Media Guides


We put together a few social media guides explaining the benefits of Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business as well as how to create an account on each platform. You can view the guides here.

Updated Logos


Some of our supported brands updated their logos, so we updated them across our sites.

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a caching issue that may have caused downtime for some Digital Marketplace™ websites.
  • We fixed an issue with the pagination URLs. Now when you go to, say, page two of a product page, it should actually take you there.
  • Fixed an issue causing submitted “Contact Us” emails to show you as the sender. Now whenever a customer contacts you through the form on your website, the email will actually say it came from them and will contain the information they submitted.
  • We limited the number of brands that can be uploaded at a time using the product uploader to five. The tool was getting hung up when uploading too many brands.
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